Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Sound Healing

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Ocean Flow Massage in Victoria, BCRegarded as an ancient healing art dating back thousands of years, Stone Therapy has been recently rediscovered as a legitimate and comforting way to ease stress that compounds in our bodies and releases toxic energy within our souls. It goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage, into deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well-being, an expression of a true ‘4 dimensional physical, mental, emotional, spiritual philosophy. It is a type of thermotherapy as it uses deeply penetrating heat from smooth basalt rocks and the cool balance from marble stones for balance. Stonetherapy
improves the operation of the lymphatic and immune systems, normalizes the body functions, and assists your body in self-healing. It also affects the sensory system, which stimulates production of neurochemicals bringing a sense of well-being.




InOcean Flo Massage Hot Stone Massage, Ocian works with basalt stones which hold heat very well compared to other types of stones. She uses them placed under and above your body, as well as moving stones. These moving stones are specific sizes and shapes to effortlessly move with the contours of each body part. Marble stones are cooled to create energetic and elemental balance throughout the experience. You can be sure to be fully relaxed through out this session.

In her Relaxation Massage, Ocian uses soft, yet deep, flowing movements in this full body experience to create an extremely effective loosening of tension and tightness in mind, body and energy field. Ocian has been working with the body and massage for over 10 years. She is very intuitive and creates a unique experience that is as soft or deep as you would like.

I offer 60min and 90min massages. The 60min is a full body experience. The 90min option is a combination of relaxation, with either hot stone or Rain Drop Therpy.

In the unique Raindrop Therapy session, Ocian uses this specific application of 9 anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial Therapeutic Essential Oils along the spine and the base of the feet. This process is Lakota Wisdom Inspired and uses simple, soft massage techniques, reflexology and vita Flex to create a deep release of muscle tension and stress. We finish with a warm compress to push the oils deeper into the body.

This is offered in 60min and 90min sessions. 60min is Raindrop technique on its own, the 90 min is in combination with relaxation massage, or hotstone massage, your choice.

This technique is shown to:

*Reduce inflammation and pain
*Calm Nervous System
*Stimulate Immune System
*Balance Emotions
*Improve Circulation
*Increase Tissue Regeneration

Rain Drop Therapy

Intuitive Sound Session, Ally

*”Friends in ‪#‎yyj‬, if you haven’t yet experienced the beautiful Ocian Flo , you are missing out. She is out of this world amazing. Her energy sessions are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced – I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

*”My session with Ocian was probably one of the most profoundly spiritual and enlightening experiences I have had during any one-on-one session. Her beauty and intuitive grace allowed me to tap deeper into my body, clear emotional blockages and find a true sense of relaxation. I couldn’t recommend her session any more highly. She’s magic.”

1st time Chakra Journeyer, Kayla

“FYI! Ocian’s Chakra Journeys are a truly transformative adventure. Prepare to embark on a wild ride into the deepest recesses of your psyche and watch the effects ripple out into your day to day life. If you are looking for something outside yourself for healing, guidance, change, be prepared to get it. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about Who they are.”

03 time Chakra Journeyer, Kylie

“Wow, just finished closing circle last night and I can’t believe the journey I’ve just taken. I could never have imagined the experiences I had and the amazing people I got to experience it with. Ocian you are you talented, intuitive, and as Chase would say, you have a heart full of love! I’m blessed to know you. Truly. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone wanting to have life changing experiences and change their life for the better. You’re beautiful!”

05 time Chakra Journeyer, Shylene

*”When I started working with Ocian Flo in 2013, I thought I would not be able to commit to the whole 7 weeks journey.. Now a year and a half later, I can’t imagine stopping. I have taken these Chakra journeys with Ocian five times.   Working with Ocian has been insightful, inspiring and deeply life changing.  Her way of council, leading in circle, her authentic voice and her sound healing!  Powerful combination.  I am so very grateful I was introduced to her and her practice.   Such gratitude!”

*”I found this experience so … amazing … I have had stone massage before – but this was nothing like it! Ocian was gentle and honest with her set up and prep of the space she was careful with the stones and checked for temperature, adjusting when I needed. I love the stones in the toes.. so awesome I loved the warm stone on the table along my back for the opening of the session.. I love Ocian’s attention to my comfort and often checking to see if I was all good.. I felt Ocian was interested in my whole self healing.. this was NOT a massage but a HEALING .. I feel the session could have gone on and on.. I was so fully relaxed and able to release much both emotionally and physically.. all my spaces were literally aired out .. blasted with cleansing energy and healing .. it was one of the most magical ‘massages’ I have ever received ( and I go to the spa often and for years) I felt wonderful all day. and slept like a wee babe! I am so very grateful for her grace, divine healing ability and love!”


Hot Stone Massage, anonymous

“She is amazing!!! Ive been going for massages for almost 20 years and she is definitely one of the best. Very intuitive and knows exactly where to apply pressure and how much to apply. Highly recommended.”