We are happy to offer you a variety of services to meet and exceed your personal health and wellness expectations.  We want to empower our clients to feel confident about taking their well-being to the next level.  We enthusiastically anticipate the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals safely and effectively.  Here at Interactive Flex Health and Wellness we are committed to working together to elevate your potential and enhance your well being in support of a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Services available at Interactive Flex

Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapists: Marlies Kerpan RMT & Lindsay Williamson, RMT & Cristy Harper, RMT

Massage Therapy has been proven to break the cycle of pain and injury through specific techniques to promote circulation and improve the function of the muscles and joints.  The benefits of massage include physical and emotional well-being and relaxation, stimulation & regulation of bodily functions, enhancement of physical and athletic performance, reduction and elimination of pain.

The Registered Massage Therapists at Interactive Flex Health and Wellness are graduates of the 3000 hour program and have extensive training in the subjects of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology.  Your therapist will work with you to formalize a plan that addresses the pain and discomfort of your symptoms, finds the underlying issue and targets the problem while keeping the focus on maintaining those gains.  You and your therapist will work together to form an individualized treatment plan that meets your specific treatment goals.​

Live Blood Analysis

Maureen Fontaine

Live Blood Analysis provides unique information that lends insight into where your body is and where it is heading. It is both predictive and preventative. By making adjustments to your current approach, healing and health are optimized! Your results and recommendations are accomplished in one session. Follow-up sessions are beneficial to keep you on track and achieve your health goals. Interim support is provided at no charge between appointments.

Ontological Life Coaching

Maureen Fontaine

Ontological Life Coaching is the study of being. Life can be challenging and requires continual readjustments in our relationship to both self and our environment. This unique coaching protocol facilitates the expression and manifestation of the power and potential that is truly you… your essence self.

Ontological coaching focuses on ‘being’ before ‘doing’. It is based on self-awareness, which includes language, body, sensing, thinking, emotions, moods, relationships, and what it means to learn. It also pre-supposes the idea of Oneness as the unchanging ground of self-awareness.

Intuitive Readings

Maureen Fontaine

Tapping into the energies that surround you tells the tale of the underlying influences that drive the dynamics of situations and the workings of your life. This energy envelops you and either gently or not so gently moves you to make choices, take action or hide under the blankets! Intuitive Readings are the window to this healing exploration. They are the opening to guidance. The information beautifully supports you in the decision making process.

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