massage_backAbout the Victoria, Saanich, and Gulf Islands Comprehensive Massage, Bodywork, and Healing Directory.

The Pacific Northwest Coast is one of the most alive places on the planet. We are so lucky to be here. Let’s make the most of our time here while sharing health, happiness,  sensuality and healing with one another.

One of the ways to increase overal energy, circulation, skin tone and even just pure sensuous bliss is “hands on” healing. Massage is also known as a natural seditive and lowers blood pressure. It is the “laying on of hands”. There are many types to choose from, from the exotic Lomi Lomi tandem massage of the Hawiian isles, to deep tissue, reflexologySwedish, cranial sacral, Thai massage, oriental techniques such as AcupressureAyurvedic massage, tantric and couples massage, and the list goes on. Choose your own flavour of bliss from one of our skilled hands on healers and you will almost certainly benifit in many ways. A combination of deep tissue Massage and traction can, over time, even cure sciatica.

These pages are working towards being a comprehensive alphabetical, searchable index of Massage, Acupuncture and Healing Arts for Victoria, Saanich, and the Gulf Islands.

We hope you find this list helpful in your search for the right practitioner for your needs.

If you are a massage practitioner and wish to be included in these listings please email for your listing.

Sincerely, Kenneth M. Fersht

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